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Oracle Analytics for Fusion Applications

Built-in Insight for Oracle Financials and More

Create more intelligent business processes—linking better insight to action at every level of the organization from your Oracle Cloud ERP solution

Deliver relevant, self-service, role-based analytics from Oracle Cloud ERP into daily business processes with Oracle Analytics for Fusion Applications.

Business Intelligence in Oracle Fusion Applications

You want the best possible visibility into business performance. However, transactional systems have historically been developed and deployed independent of analytics tools. 

Analytics that are disconnected and out of synch with business processes often require decision-makers to hunt for the information they need to act.  

Indeed, with analytics isolated from everyday business processes, many users end up with inaccurate or incomplete data to support the decisions that most impact the performance of their business. 

There’s a better way. Oracle Fusion Applications incorporate analytics directly into business processes. Hence, decision-makers enjoy comprehensive, consistent data when it’s needed in a contextually relevant format. 

Discover business trends, recognize revenue and cost improvement opportunities and act on current information with interRel Consulting and built-in BI in Oracle Fusion Applications.

Benefits of Oracle Analytics for Fusion Applications

Consistently provide relevant, self-service, role-based business intelligence in Oracle Fusion applications with Oracle Analytics for Fusion Applications enabled by interRel Consulting.  

Inform decisions with business intelligence that is:  

  • ComprehensiveUsers at all levels of the organization have the real-time data and analysis required to inform operational decisions from a full range of analytics functionality embedded directly into business processes. 
  • User-friendly Oracle Analytics for Fusion Applications adds real-time, analytical reporting to financial and operational applications that managers use every day. 
  • Relevant Monitor the real-time status of critical business processes to optimize performance and streamline procedures using relevant analytics and business intelligence.

Helpfully, the modular design of Fusion Applications facilitates immediate remedies for specific business challenges while preserving the option to expand to an enterprise solution scope when needed.  

Rather than building information silos, each Fusion Application shares a common enterprise information model. Thus, greater value is realized as additional Fusion Applications are implemented.

What is Oracle Fusion Applications?

Oracle Fusion Applications is a suite of open standards-based business applications that incorporate the latest technology and best practices of Oracle’s customers and ACE Directors (like those at interRel). 

Delivered as a comprehensive suite of modular, service-enabled enterprise applications, they set new standards for the way businesses work, innovate and adopt technology.

The BI in Oracle Fusion Applications operates seamlessly with Oracle’s Applications Unlimited portfolio to drive performance improvements. 

Choosing just one module, a product family, or the full suite of applications, businesses incorporate the business process improvements offered by Oracle Fusion Applications at a pace that matches their growth and available resources.

Rule the world with Oracle Analytics for Fusion Applications enabled by interRel’s award-winning consulting.

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