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Oracle Analytics Server

Oracle Analytics Cloud for On-premises Deployments

Deliver the current, best practice capabilities of Oracle Analytics Cloud through an on-premises deployment. Cash in on augmented analytics and world-class data discovery.

Companies in highly regulated industries or with multi-cloud architectures enjoy the latest analytics capabilities on their own terms with Oracle Analytics Server with the help of interRel Consulting. Companies can maintain their preferred deployment architecture with a clear and easy path to the cloud if needed.

On-premises vs. Cloud Oracle Analytics Deployments

Many companies opt for on-premises deployment of analytics tools for a variety of reasons.

  • Maintaining a private cloud investment allows an enterprise to directly control its servers and security systems.
  • While on-premise servers are not immune to hackers, it’s usually easier for an organization to restrict access to its own hardware than servers located elsewhere.
  • Data sets are getting bigger (e.g. Big Data delivers mountains of data) and moving enterprise-level volumes of information to the cloud can be challenging. On-premises / private-cloud infrastructure investments can alleviate some of these pain points.
  • More companies are putting data on public cloud platforms but security lapses and wariness over US government digital surveillance initiatives hold others back.

Fortunately, when large companies decide between an Oracle Analytics Cloud solution and an on-premised deployment, interRel offers implementation and support services for both.

Oracle Analytics Server Key Benefits

Discover new insights by combining structured and unstructured data.

Drive innovation by exploring the data.

Deploy business best practices for financial management and line of business analysis with industry-leading analytics applications.

Access insights anytime and anywhere with mobile business intelligence.

Maximize performance and reduce total cost of ownership with Oracle Analytics solutions.

Oracle Analytics Server Application Key Features

Self-Service Data Discovery – Easy-to-use world-class visualizations pull data from enterprise and personal sources to enable sophisticated shared analytics.

Augmented Analytics – Gain deeper insights with embedded machine learning and AI. Smart data preparation and discovery enhance the user experience.

Natural Language – Ask your questions and get answers quickly and clearly with natural language processing (NLP).

Analytics Dashboards – Dashboards present a single personalized and interactive view of data gathered from multiple sources and systems.

Mobile Access – Get answers on mobile devices with impressive functionality, including easy-to-consume visualizations, personalized feeds, and alerting.

Collaboration and Publishing – Share results and collaborate easily across teams to refine analytics.

Governed Enterprise Analytics – Analyze freely within a governance framework by combining secure, pre-defined analytic data models with other data sources.

Integrated Data Preparation – Create richer data sets that deepen insights and sharpen your understanding of the business.

Data Connectors – Access data regardless of the location or source. Whether it’s on premises, in the cloud or on your desktop, more data produces richer analytics.

Embedded Analytics – Deliver data at the optimal point of impact with embedded analytics.

Enterprise Architecture and Security – Tailor the system to your organization’s connectivity, authentication and processing power requirements to deliver self-service analytics within a governance framework.

Formerly Known as Oracle OBIEE

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition or OBIEE, is the current on-premise solution built to deliver the latest analytics capabilities on your terms. OBIEE customers will eventually migrate to Oracle Analytics Server or Oracle Analytics Cloud, the next generation of OBIEE, and interRel Consulting is here to help you through the migration.

Rule the world with Oracle Analytics Server (formerly Oracle OBIEE) enabled by interRel’s award-winning consulting. Start now!

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