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Oracle Essbase

Share the Power. Go from spreadsheet to Essbase to analysis in minutes.

Oracle Hyperion Essbase

Share Powerful Data Visibility and Insight

The foundation of Hyperion, Oracle Hyperion Essbase distributes advanced analytics capabilities to enable users and teams to easily create complex financial models and compelling visualizations.

Almost effortlessly, they’ll go from Excel to multidimensional models with just one click. Then build simple scenario workflows, test assumptions, or design and experiment in sandbox environments.

Get your team and others working on Oracle Hyperion Essbase. With help as needed from interRel Consulting, they’ll generate practical, current and reliable information from spreadsheets, even petabytes of data from multiple sources.

Faster Data Visualization

With Oracle Hyperion Essbase as its key technology, Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) merges all of Oracle’s Business Intelligence products into one unified solution. In OAC you can go from data to Essbase to analysis in mere minutes.

Oracle Essbase Cloud

Already widely used in on-premises data management, Oracle Essbase also comes in a Cloud version. It’s the industry’s leading multidimensional online analytical processing engine (OLAP).

With point-and-click simplicity, you can empower all your analytics users with rich enterprise functionality and the accessibility and easily scaled resources of the Cloud.

Unlimited Data Sources

  • Upload and harmonize spreadsheets
  • Organize and manage dissimilar data sources
  • Access other Oracle Cloud data sources and external sources

Universally Accessible

  • Consistently share models and analyses across the organization
  • Lift and shift on-premises data to Oracle Essbase Cloud Service
  • Accelerate provisioning and deployment with on-demand Cloud resources

Fast and User-Friendly

  • Create ready-to-use business models—no IT skills required
  • Upload spreadsheets in seconds to move beyond data silos
  • Provide more users with access to larger data sets

Rule the world with Oracle Essbase Cloud Solutions enabled by interRel’s award-winning consulting.

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What is Essbase?

Oracle Essbase is an OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) Server. It provides a multidimensional database platform for deploying pre-packaged applications or developing custom analytic and enterprise performance management applications.

Essbase is the key technology in the Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) that merges all of Oracle’s Business Intelligence products into one unified solution. Supported by InterRel Consulting, analytics is now so simple, even someone from marketing can do it.

Designed for Business Users

With a highly scalable rapid application development environment, Oracle Essbase enables business users to quickly model complex business scenarios.

The ability of Oracle Essbase users to “write back” to an application’s data repository under security makes it ideal for developing forward-looking applications such as forecasting, scenario modeling, and “what if” type analyses.

Oracle Essbase provides business users with new levels of self-sufficiency to access, navigate, and gain actionable insight into important business issues. All of this through various end-user tools that enable them to interact with Oracle Essbase applications:

  • Oracle Smart View for Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook)
  • Oracle BI Dashboards and Answers
  • Hyperion Financial Reporting
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