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on August 22, 2018 / in Webcasts

How To Build the Best Dashboards in PBCS & FCCS

You don’t have to leave home to create dashboards these days! Oracle EPM Cloud solutions PBCS, EPBCS, FCCS, and PCMCS allow you to create dashboards within its solution, no integration required to an external reporting solution. Join us for this session where we'll walk you through the steps to create dashboards within the Oracle EPM Cloud. We’ll also share best practices when creating dashboards & visualizations for end users so your dashboard will be a hit and provide just the right amount of right information.
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on August 15, 2018 / in Webcasts

OAC/EssCS – A year later. How Has It changed?

OAC/EssCS has been out for a little over a year now. With the limitations of the V1 release, how has it changed and improved? Is it ready from Prime time now? This session will include demos of some of the newer features.
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on August 8, 2018 / in Webcasts

Everything a PBCS or FCCS Developer Needs to Know About Essbase Calc Scripts

Just when we thought writing calc scripts was a dying art, PBCS and FCCS the Cloud pulled us back in. That's right, both PBCS and FCCS now allow us to write calc scripts for things like copying data, allocations, goal seeking, aggregations, clearing and more... so now us Cloud-admins have to learn Essbase calculation languages. In one hour, (self-proclaimed) calc script expert Edward Roske will teach you the basics of writing calc scripts so you can get started writing procedural calculations in your Cloud applications.
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on August 1, 2018 / in Webcasts

Using FDMEE to Connect All of Your On-Prem & Cloud Applications

As more companies journey into the cloud, how are you supposed to integrate data you’re your on-premises legacy applications to these new cloud products? FDMEE is the clear and strategic choice for data integrations across all EPM applications, including hybrid cloud deployments. This presentation covers all things data synchronization from using out-of-the-box functionality to creating custom scripts to help you integrate your data.
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on July 25, 2018 / in Webcasts

Why Data Exploration is Important and How OAC Will Help You Get There

Data Visualization is the newest member of the Oracle BI family! Whether you are using OBIEE or in the clouds with Oracle Analytic Cloud, or on the Desktop; Data Viz allows people to rapidly dig into their data and create visualizations off of many sources.  This freedom of self-service often presents new challenges.  People who are new to Data Visualization are often confused by all the possible visualization options or they do not know which to use for their data story or they pick the wrong visualization.  We will discuss the various visualization types; showing where and how they are best used to help tell the data story and drive deeper data discovery.
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on July 17, 2018 / in Webcasts

A Critical Comparison of the Oracle EPM On-Premises vs. Cloud Solutions

Oracle EPM in various incarnations has been around for over 25 years. Some of those older products lead their respective spaces: the top consolidation product in the world is still HFM, the top budgeting solution is Hyperion Planning, & the top cube technology is Oracle Essbase. Is there a rush to throw out the tried & true Oracle EPM solutions? We'll compare the traditional on-prem products to their new Cloud replacements. What are the pros and cons of each and to the point, what should we be implementing today?
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on July 11, 2018 / in Webcasts

Powering up Strategic Modeling with an EPBCS implementation at ATCO Group

This session will cover the implementation of the new Strategic Modeling EPBCS framework at ATCO.  We will discuss design and process considerations we used to leverage Strategic Modeling vastly improving their long-range planning.  We will have tips and tricks as well as describe out-of-the-box features and how we used Groovy scripts to integrate to the Financials framework.
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on June 27, 2018 / in Webcasts

Lifting the Hood on OAC

How does this Oracle Analytics Cloud work anyway? Since OAC is a platform as a service offering, unlike the EPM cloud applications, it requires some infrastructure administration. This session has the information you need to know about backups, patching, and managing your OAC service. Essbase in OAC is also a little different than the on-premises versions. Come to this session to hear a technical perspective on the changes to Essbase, and learn how to administer it on the cloud.
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on June 20, 2018 / in Webcasts

Taking Control of the Hierarchies in 8 Weeks or Less: An Introduction to Enterprise Data Management on the Cloud (EDMCS)

The latest new EPM and BI Cloud product has just landed! Enterprise Data Management Cloud Service (EDMCS) is the future direction for maintaining hierarchies, dimensions, and attributes across the Oracle platform. This newly architected solution leverages all the best features of Data Relationship Management and gives us new and exciting features. Come learn the important role that EDMCS plays in your Cloud strategy both as a key enabler during migration as well as for supporting ongoing change management and alignment across all of your Cloud and on-premises systems.
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on June 6, 2018 / in Webcasts

Data Integration Today – Which Tool Should I Use?

FDMEE, Data Management, Data Sync, Load Rules, ODI, ODICS, DRM, EDMCS… Keeping track of all of the data and metadata integration options for Oracle EPM and BI solutions can be confusing! In this session we’ll break down the available solutions and leading practices for managing metadata and integrating data across all of the possible sources and targets in the Cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. We’ll weigh the pros and cons, discuss strategic direction forward and help you figure out – What is the right solution for you!
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