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Installations and Updates

Start strong! Get your software installed or migrate to a newer version smoothly and successfully.

The Oracle Infrastructure Challenge

With the new generation of Cloud solutions and hybrid Cloud environments, setting up your software, infrastructure and updates correctly can be challenging.

  • Are the hardware and Cloud resources optimized for my application mix?
  • Are my virtual machines (VMs) set up correctly?

Third-party tool integrations, version control and automation of processes add to the mix. It’s enough to cause even Oracle veterans to lose sleep.

  • Will our new laptops run the current version of Oracle?
  • Is my compatibility matrix up to date?

And, in today’s threatening environment, you particularly need to get security right. There’s on-premises security, Cloud security, and security between Cloud and on-premises systems. All must be locked down tightly.

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Installations and Updates

If you’ve purchased Oracle software and want help installing it, or you need to migrate from an older version, ArganoInterRel’s Infrastructure Team will manage and optimize your servers.

Better than an Oracle installation guide, you’ll get straight answers and a successful project completion because our infrastructure consultants are some of the most highly trained Oracle Hyperion, Analytics, and EPM installers on earth.

Yes, it’s no rookies and no worries for your installations and Oracle updates. Because ArganoInterRel is one of the few Oracle Analytics/EPM consulting companies in the world with a dedicated infrastructure team.

All our infrastructure consultants only deal with your Oracle servers. They don’t dabble in installations on the side or migrations between other larger consulting engagements.

Rule the world of Installations and Updates with ArganoInterRel’s award-winning Infrastructure Team.

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Installation Problems and Troubleshooting

Just one call to ArganoInterRel Consulting will cover all your Oracle installation problems, updates, troubleshooting and server infrastructure needs including:

  • Showing you which products run best in virtual machine (VM) or Cloud environments and which run best on a physical server.
  • Helping you determine which servers to buy and what that hardware needs to look like to meet your performance and availability requirements.
  • Migration and upgrading from previous releases of Hyperion and Oracle Analytics (formerly OBIEE) to the current versions, including moving across all your objects and testing them.
  • Installations on Windows, Linux, Unix, or Exalytics boxes.
  • Complex installation and configuration of multiple server environments with high availability requirements.
  • Troubleshooting of existing installations to determine why things aren’t working.
  • Installing the first environment and then mentoring you through installing the rest if you want to learn proper installation techniques.
  • When Oracle has problems installing their own software, it’s ArganoInterRel’s infrastructure team that they call to come in and finish the job.
  • You only have time to do your Oracle installations and updates once. Get them done right the first time by engaging ArganoInterRel Infrastructure.
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