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Reporting and Analytics

Utilize Uncertainty Planning to produce relevant, real-time data to drive your business with a successful reporting and BI implementation from interRel.

Achieving Reporting and Analytics Success

No one likes looking at stale data. In your rapid-fire, highly competitive business, leadership requires relevant, real-time information.

Yet, the big challenge is generating accurate numbers quickly in a format that’s understandable.

You want to create a presentation layer for the CEO that tells a story around revenue, expenses and profitability. You need dashboard analytics for your top product families, patient to doctor ratios, all your critical industry KPI’s.

You’re staking your reputation, maybe even your job on a large investment of time and money to help the company improve and grow. You want a Reporting and Analytics partner who will ensure the project’s success.

Reporting Solutions with interRel

  • Start with Executives – We meet with top leadership to identify the things they could be doing better with the right numbers.
  • Strategic Assessment – If needed, we’ll come out and perform an assessment to identify critical components needed to generate a strategic solution.
  • Evaluate Current Processes – We’ll sit down to talk about your reporting and analytics processes.
  • Ask Questions and Listen – We’ll discover your current and desired level of reporting for all your business units and KPIs.
  • Implement Best Practices – We always implement industry-leading practices to keep you up to date with industry trends and to improve the process.

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Reporting and Analytics Success

C-Suite, VP and Director level FP&A executives who want to view cockpit-like numbers that show direction, speed, remaining fuel, where you’re going and where you’ve been, we’ve got you covered.

For Reporting and Analytics implementations, whether you already have Oracle Essbase and BI software, or we help you select the best options, interRel skillfully implements reporting solutions on-time and on-budget with industry best practices.

  • Ensure that the company’s investment is in good hands – By choosing the right implementation partner.
  • Get buy-in – So everyone above and below you are working smarter.
  • Slice and dice the data – Dig deeper with new ways to analyze. Discover trends, causes, external factors, and what’s driving them.
  • Understand clearly where you’re going and where you’ve been – With the best possible information.
  • Produce insightful analyses – Critical information to help direct the company and render you a valued member of the team.

Rule the world of Reporting and Analytics with interRel’s award-winning consulting group.

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Implementation Experience that Shows

interRel’s implementations reliably provide clients with the ability to quickly model complex business scenarios, slice and dice data, and perform what-if analyses.

We’ve done it longer than anyone. We produce the webcasts and write the thought leadership blogs. We’re the good guys, the ones Oracle calls when they need advice.

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