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Strategic Consultation

Considering a software purchase or move to the Cloud? Not sure about timing or where the technology’s headed?

Cloud Strategy

A strategic EPM/Analytics Cloud strategy roadmap for the next two to five years would help you move forward with confidence. To create a Cloud strategy that works, engage ArganoInterRel’s Strategy Group, EPM/Analytics thought leaders.

Once you know where you’re going, the intermediate steps fall into place.

To be sure of your path, determine the strategic direction for all your Business Analytics (EPM, Analytics, and Hyperion) solutions with a strategic assessment from the good guys at ArganoInterRel, the ones world class organizations call for advice.

Strategy Management

To manage your path with EPM/BI solutions, your Strategic Assessment is customized to your organization and structured to analyze both immediate and long term needs.

Those usually include close solutions, planning and modeling, as well as reporting and analysis across the organization, both on-premises and Cloud.

We’ll discuss and recommend how to procure solutions that deliver both management and operational excellence with smart, agile and aligned components.

  • Complete Assessment across your EPM/Analytics environment(s)
  • Strategy Management Roadmap
  • Evaluation of current and future investments
  • Short, mid, and long-term roadmap and recommendations
  • Use to evaluate current projects or scope future RFPs
  • Dedicated Strategic Assessment team

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Strategic Assessment Process

To develop the optimal strategy, our Strategic Assessment Group, will come out to your company.

In just a couple of weeks, we’ll help determine the strategic direction for all your analytic business solutions.

ArganoInterRel Strategy Recommendations

You’ll receive recommendations and guidance on where you should head strategically over the next 2-5 years.

Whether you have existing applications that need a health check (and a path forward for improvement) or you are just starting out and need someone to help show you where to go, we will bring our industry leading best practices to the engagement.

Learn More About Strategic Assessments Here

No matter if it’s budgeting, reporting, analysis, financial consolidation, profitability management, modeling, forecasting, or any other area of BI/EPM, we can help.

Rule the world with ArganoInterRel’s award-winning consulting.

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Answers to Your Questions

Your questions will be answered by gurus in the field with an average of 15+ years of EPM and Analytics experience, our Strategy Team members.

  • What software should I buy?
  • Is it time to move my applications to the Cloud?
  • What are my highest priorities?
  • What would you improve about my existing applications?
  • Where should my company be in five years?
  • What is the roadmap for getting there?
  • What are other companies in my industry doing?
  • I don’t really know what I want. Can you help me figure it out?
  • Why did Game of Thrones end with Bran on the throne?
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