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Series: On Prem Update

on January 31, 2020 / in

Essbase is Not Dead: Exciting Features for On-Prem Essbase in Version 19c

Webcast Overview What!?! There are actually new features coming / available for Essbase? Yes! Contrary to the rumors, Essbase is not dead but alive and well and continuing to grow and change. Essbase 19c is very much the same battle-tested, tried-and-true analytic engine we know and love. Sure, it's a newer version, but it's still Essbase hiding in there behind the new interfaces and admin tools. What features have gone into this new version? What's been added to what we can find in on-prem Essbase that's only available in this version? This session will show what makes the new versions of Essbase different and better than any on-prem version. See the next generation hybrid engine in action! Learn about the new data access paradigm: connections and data sources! Review the newer, more flexible security capabilities! Find out what it is about Essbase 19c that makes this version the most awesome ever! Of course, there are some caveats to the new Essbase versions but don't worry, we'll cover those too. If you are ready for the next evolution in Essbase, don't miss this session.
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on January 31, 2020 / in

Sticking with Hyperion Planning? How to Sustain, Evolve, and Grow in 2020

Webcast Overview I'm not ready to upgrade and move to the Cloud. How can I improve my Planning application today with my current version?  Hyperion Planning has been around for over 10 years. And finally, there is a new version out (or at least coming soon). In this session, you'll also learn about the upcoming new 11.2x features and how to seamlessly add them to your existing applications. We'll share the steps to upgrade, important considerations to know before upgrading, and more. Plus, we'll provide a decision tree to help you decide: should I stay where I am in 2020, upgrade to 11.2, or consider moving to Planning Cloud. Join this session to arm yourself with the necessary information to plan for 2020 and beyond.
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