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Tag: Account Reconciliation

on November 19, 2021 / in

Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud End User Experience

Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud End User Experience The number one data related delay in the entire close process is data validation. Most organizations would say that an enormous amount of their close time is spent validating data. What product are you using to reconcile accounts? Are you using Oracle Cloud EPM?  Excel? Blackline? Or the power of humans?  Literally seeing if this number equals that number. You might think you're really good at it! I mean, cavemen were asking at a point in time, “Does this rock look like that rock?” But truthfully, this is not a good use of our higher-level thinking. This is something that today’s robots are really good at and we should let the robots do it! We don't want to be slowing down our process. And quite frankly, humans don't want to do it either. Nobody feels really smart at the end of the day when thinking, “Yeah...I validated all of that stuff.” Please don't go down this path! You really want to be in a situation of letting robots go figure out your data and your reconciliation. Watch this session recording to discover how Oracle Cloud EPM Account Reconciliation addresses the global reconciliation process…
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on January 31, 2020 / in

Reconciliations Made Easy with ARC

Webcast Overview Join us as we share the journey from tedious and time consuming manual reconciliations to an improved experience with Account Reconciliation, which helps automatically find discrepancies. Learn how you can reduce time for the most significant, time-consuming (and boring!) step in closing our books and verifying that the data ties. Does the total from the AP sub-ledger equal the Accounts Payable line in the GL? Does the journal entry detail match the account balances? And, does the General Ledger align with what’s in HFM? Oracle Account Reconciliation was the answer!
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