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on September 30, 2022 / in

Argano 4 Oracle EPM Webinar Series

Fun fact: not every EPM enhancement HAS to be a 6-month project!   Check out our exclusive 8-episode series that focuses on Oracle EPM Enhancements you can implement in less than 60 days. Edward Roske, Argano’s Chief Performance Officer and longtime EPM extraordinaire, will be your guide as he walks you through quick-hit EPM projects you can realistically complete before the end of the year. Businesses in EVERY industry were impacted by the pandemic in ways we never imagined and while many companies have made gains in dealing with the lasting effects (supply chain blockages, employment issues, etc.), we all learned that it’s imperative that your business run as efficiently as possible. We are excited to provide the knowledge you need to immediately influence your EPM processes to make them more effective, trim time and money, and put you in the spotlight as an EPM super star! Kscope23 Raffle: every time you attend an episode in this series, we'll enter your name to win a Kscope23 full conference pass! Drawing will be held during Episode 8 on January 26. Bonus: if you attend all 8 episodes, we will add two additional entries! REGISTER HERE  
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on June 21, 2022 / in

Leading Practices in Financial Consolidation and Close Implementations

Leading Practices in Financial Consolidation and Close Implementations Oracle EPM Cloud Financial Consolidation and Close enables you to improve your consolidation process and allows you to stay in control of the entire financial close process. Discover how you can conquer the complexity of the financial consolidation and close process with this "purpose-built solution". We'll cover how you can get up and running fast today with built-in leading practice consolidations functionality, including dynamic calculations, limited customizations, and simplified global reporting delivery. Watch this session recording to hear ArganoInterRel’s Consolidations Manager, John Harding, share insights on leading practices for implementing Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close (FCC) and how you can get the best out of your consolidations and close implementations. Following the right implementation path can lead to a winning FCC application. WATCH THE RECORDING
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on May 26, 2022 / in

PCM/EPCM Allocations in 50 Minutes or Less!

PCM/EPCM Allocations in 50 Minutes or Less! Want to learn how to build allocation formulas for Planning and Budgeting Cloud and Financial Consolidation and Close, in a user-friendly interface that doesn't require coding knowledge? This short webinar will provide an overview of how to use Oracle (Enterprise) Profitability and Cost Management's user-friendly interface to build allocation formulas and review the allocation results. We'll cover the basics of dimension management, points of view, rule sets and rules as well as explore the rule balancing screen other analysis tools for viewing allocation results. NOTE: As of June 2022, Oracle has released Enterprise Profitability and Cost Management, so the webinar will also touch on the differences between PCM and EPCM as they relate to the allocations functionality. WATCH THE RECORDING
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on April 25, 2022 / in

Masterclass with your Kscope22 Guru Speaker Series

Speaker Series: Masterclass with your Kscope22 Guru! Join us every Wednesday at 2:00 PM ET for a series of meaningful conversations on a variety of Oracle Cloud EPM technical topics. Experience the same amazing content in a more dynamic format! ArganoInterRel has been selected to present on a variety of Oracle Cloud EPM technical topics at ODTUG Kscope22. To celebrate, we're proud to present a unique series of meaningful conversations with our Kscope22 gurus to share more about who they are and why EPM is their love language. Join us for the "Masterclass with Your Kscope22 Guru" series that brings subject matter experts, innovators and industry champions who are transforming the Oracle Cloud ecosystem. With a diverse range of professional experience and technology backgrounds, these tech gurus are leading the way and making a positive yet lasting impact on the technology industry. Discover how our EPM gurus keep innovating! You truly won't want to miss this dynamic, educational series. View series schedule and topics below. Masterclass with Your Kscope22 Guru: Ask Edward Roske about Strategic EPM         Masterclass with Your Kscope22 Guru: Ask Glenn Schwartzberg about Essbase         Masterclass with Your Kscope22 Guru: Ask…
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on March 31, 2022 / in

Financial Consolidation and Close Basics in 60 Minutes or Less!

Financial Consolidation and Close Basics in 60 Minutes or Less! Are you looking to migrate from on-premises Hyperion Financial Management to the Cloud? Are you familiar with Oracle Cloud EPM Planning but want to learn more about Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close? Would you like to discover how Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close is different from Oracle Cloud EPM Planning? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this is the session recording for you! ArganoInterRel’s Training Consultant, Andrea Auld, walked us through the basics of Financial Consolidation and Close in just 60 minutes or less. Learn how this "purpose-built" application ensures simple, quick deployment for users who want fast implementation with no hardware and minimal IT support. In this "must-see" session recording, we will cover: Application configuration and dimensionality Consolidation and translation basics Journals with workflow Data forms Leveraging task manager Best practices for faster implementation and agility WATCH THE RECORDING
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on March 23, 2022 / in

Introduction to Groovy

Introduction to Groovy You can’t talk to Planning Implementation people these days without hearing about Groovy, Groovy, Groovy. Do you feel left behind in this conversation? We’re here to help. This session recording will fill you in on all the basics. What is Groovy in the first place? What does it do? What does this have to do with Oracle EPM? How can I learn more and get started using Groovy? Click the link below to find out! Please note: This is a pre-recorded session. WATCH THE RECORDING
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on March 23, 2022 / in

FreeForm Apps in Cloud EPM – What is it and how can it help me?

FreeForm Apps in Cloud EPM – What is it and how can it help me? The October 2021 update of Oracle’s EPM Enterprise Bundle brought major enhancements to the FreeForm Applications functionality. But what is FreeForm Apps, and who is this functionality right for? How does it compare to on-premises Essbase or Planning? Is it any different than the current cube setup in Cloud EPM Planning? Would my organization benefit from rolling out FreeForm? In this session recording, all these questions (and more) will be answered by ArganoInterRel's Planning Practice Director, Josie Manzano-Stettler. WATCH THE RECORDING  
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on February 27, 2022 / in

Best Practices in Essbase Design

Best Practices in Essbase Design What’s the difference between a well-designed and a poorly-designed Essbase database? It can mean the difference between getting timely, insightful responses to your queries and getting outdated answers that leave your organization falling further and further behind. Of course, database planning and optimization aren’t easy — if they were, everyone would be doing it! However, the design and optimization of an Essbase database are key to achieving a well-tuned system that enables you to analyze business information efficiently. Watch this session recording to explore what to consider when designing or redesigning an Essbase database, hear tips/tricks, and discover the best practices of today. You’ll even learn some classic design rules! WATCH THE RECORDING
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on February 25, 2022 / in

Long Live Essbase: The Present and the Future

ODTUG Webinars | Online Oracle Developer Education Long Live Essbase: The Present and the Future Many of you have heard that OAC Essbase is dead, and that Essbase Cloud is pondering its own mortality too…but you’ve also heard that Essbase on-prem may be coming back?!? In this ODTUG webinar, long-time Essbase expert Edward Roske will talk about the recent changes to Essbase that have led to talks of its demise, who benefits and who loses from these changes, and what the roadmap is for Essbase in 21c and beyond. If you're responsible for some of the 3,000,000 users of Essbase worldwide, watch this session recording to hear about the present and the future—there is one, just not what you expect—of Essbase. As an ODTUG Member you can view all of their past Webinars on demand. Just log in to and select Past Webinars from the Tech Resources navigation. WATCH THE RECORDING
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on February 21, 2022 / in

Revolutionizing Budgeting & Planning

Revolutionizing Budgeting & Planning As companies are pivoting from looking backward to focusing their attention on the future, new methods of planning are revolutionizing how we look ahead. Driver-based budgeting, strategic planning, and rolling forecasts are the minimum processes you must have as companies stop focusing on precision of data and instead focus on timeliness of data. We now have concepts like scenario modeling, range-based forecasting, graphical planning, beyond budgeting, trend-based planning, initiative/portfolio planning, and more. Which methods are the past, what are the majority of companies doing now, and what is at the cutting edge of the planning world? Watch this session recording to hear from Edward Roske as he walks you through the evolution of budgeting up to the leading practices of today. WATCH THE RECORDING
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