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Tag: Strategic Assessment

on November 19, 2021 / in

It’s the New Year, Do You Have a Solid Strategic Plan in Place?

It’s the New Year, Do You Have a Solid Strategic Plan in Place? Are you keeping up with change? Both Internal (organizational) as well as external (industry)? What’s your strategy? As we think strategically, it’s paramount to have an idea about where we are going. The key to a successful business strategy is “big picture thinking”. But there's more to it! It’s getting executive involvement and buy-in. It’s figuring out the appropriate tools you should buy and which ones you should retire. It's getting agreement on key priorities and the necessary resources to support them. If you're not thinking strategically,  you're going to be running without a destination. Now is the time to come up with a plan that doesn't encourage siloed solutions. A plan that doesn't enforce “firefighting”. You want a plan that will control the narrative and put a framework for strategy in place so that you can kick off 2022 with a really great roadmap so that you can make 2022, and the next three years, the best they can possibly be. Join this session to discover the importance of knowing where your organization stands in today's fast-moving landscape, benefits of having a multi-year roadmap, and the…
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