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on October 4, 2019 / in

Changing World of Essbase: The Present and the Future

WEBCAST OVERVIEW Many of you have heard that OAC Essbase is dead and that Essbase Cloud is pondering its own mortality too... but you've also heard that maybe Essbase on-prem is coming back?!? In this session, Oracle's Essbase Product Manager Ashish Jain and long-time Essbase expert Edward Roske will talk about the recent changes to Essbase that have led to talks of its demise, who benefits and who loses from these changes, and what the roadmap is for Essbase in 19c and beyond. If you're responsible for some of the 3,000,000 users of Essbase worldwide, make sure you attend this hour to hear about the present and the future - there is one, just not what you expect - of Essbase. Edward Roske interRel CEO Oracle ACE Director   SPECIAL NOTE: THIS WEBCAST WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR REPLAY. REGISTER TO WATCH THE WEBCASt
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on October 3, 2019 / in

Case Study: Analytics in Oracle Analytics Cloud for 900 users at Adventist Health

WEBCAST OVERVIEW Adventist Health aims to provide whole-person healthcare. This strategy is supported through its holistic software approach: a unified cloud that includes Oracle’s cloud solutions for EPM, ERP, HCM, enterprise data management, planning, and analytics. Join this session to hear about Adventist Health and its recent Oracle Analytics Cloud implementation.
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on October 2, 2019 / in

Moment of Truth: Should you Stay (on-prem) or Go (To Cloud)?

WEBCAST OVERVIEW On-premise Oracle Hyperion customers are facing an important critical decision: should you migrate to Oracle’s EPM and BI cloud or continue on-premise by upgrading to Release 11.2? What is the impact and pros and cons of each? What key questions should be asked to prepare for either journey? How will this decision impact product integration, performance, and long-term application viability? Why are so many customers moving to the cloud? Come to this session to learn more about which questions are the most critical to ask; how to quantify the ROI for your business; how this decision will impact key stakeholders, end-users, and application administrators; and how to take the next step that is right for you. Customer case studies are provided.   register for this webcast
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on September 25, 2019 / in

Easier Consolidations and Close in the Cloud: Options to Reduce Close Time, Enhance the Consolidations Process, and Improve Overall Support

Webcast Overview In this webcast, we will walk you through the steps of a typical close and consolidation process, narrowing in on common pain points and issues. We'll review Oracle solutions for addressing and removing those pain points. Whether its complicated eliminations or minority interest calculations, painful reconciliations, or time-consuming manual reporting steps, there are answers to these issues! Don't miss this webcast to learn how Oracle solutions can reduce close time, enhance the consolidations process, and improve overall support.
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on September 24, 2019 / in

Cloud Atlas 2019: Navigating the Ever Changing Oracle EPM & BI Cloud Landscape

Webcast Overview Companies around the world are embracing the cloud. Oracle is investing hundreds of millions of dollars of research and development into the most complete EPM & BI cloud offering in the world. Whether it's Hyperion Planning in the cloud (PBCS), Oracle Analytics (BI and Essbase in the Cloud), Financial Consolidations in the cloud (FCCS), or more, Oracle now has a strategy and a product for every EPM need. Where should you begin? What products are ready now? How quickly will I need to move our products to the cloud? All this and more will be revealed by an expert Oracle ACE Director who's head is not in the clouds, but who can see through the clouds. If you want to be at the forefront of navigating the cloud landscape, this is the session for you.
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on September 17, 2019 / in

EPBCS Workforce: Configuration Steps A:Z

Webcast Overview The EPBCS Workforce framework delivers prebuilt functionality to plan your biggest expense line item, workforce compensation. EPBCS provides features for planning workforce expense by job, employee, and/or position, strategic workforce planning, and more. In this session, we will take you through the steps to implement EPBCS Workforce from start to finish. We’ll also review dependencies and integrations with the other frameworks. How many times have you said to yourself, “Wow, I wish I knew this before…”? This is one you can’t miss and will replay several times during your implementation. Configuration is easy when you have the guide to each step! Watch the replay
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on August 1, 2019 / in

What is Oracle Narrative Reporting?

WEBCAST OVERVIEW Think about your process to put together your monthly and quarterly reporting packages. Is it a manual, time-consuming process? Does it include Financial Reporting documents, manual spreadsheets, word documents, emails, and more? Is the review process a crazy mess with different resources across the company? We have the solution! Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Services (EPRCS) can streamline your internal and external reporting services, bring together the reporting collaboration process into a single secure environment. You won’t want to miss this session - EPRCS is Oracle’s best-kept secret!
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on August 1, 2019 / in

What is Oracle Enterprise Data Management?

Webcast Overview It’s inevitable that your business strategy, models, growth, people, financials, etc. are consistently changing. It’s hard to stay on top of these changes and realign your business as it happens. Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud Service has arrived (a new tool modeled after its on-premises version, DRM) to help standardize dimensions, hierarchies, attributes, and mapping maintenance across the enterprise. Don’t miss this session to see this exciting Cloud solution in action and how it can help you with one of your most time-intensive activities, managing your master data!
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on August 1, 2019 / in

What is Oracle Data Visualization?

Webcast Overview Data Visualization (DV) is the newest member of the Oracle BI family! Whether you are using OBIEE or in the cloud with Oracle Analytic Cloud, or on the Desktop; DV allows people to rapidly dig into their data and create visualizations off of many sources. This freedom of self-service often presents new challenges. People who are new to DV are often confused by all the possible visualization options or they pick the wrong visualization. In this webcast, our focus will include: An overview of what Data Visualization is, why it's important and how it's helping companies comprehend information, identify patterns and communicate complex trends. Discussing the various visualization types in Data Visualization. Show where and how each visualization type can be best used to help tell the data story and drive deeper data discovery.
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on August 1, 2019 / in

What is Oracle Account Reconciliation?

WEBCAST OVERVIEW Over the years, Finance/Accounting Organizations have been challenged to continually improve the Account Reconciliation Process. We'll delve into the reality that the Accounts Reconciliation Cloud Service (ARCS) has functionality that makes the reconciliation seamless, automated & most importantly, SIMPLE. In this webcast, our goal is to: Review common challenges & Pain Points in the Account Reconciliation Process. Explore how ARC addresses these Pain Points and Challenges. Share some recent Customer Successes we've seen from using this powerful, but sometimes underestimated tool. Cover the improvements over ARM, the old on-prem solution.
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