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on July 13, 2017 / in Webcasts

Is Hyperion Dead?

Visit and you’ll notice something peculiar: the name “Hyperion” is nowhere to be found. Is this a simple oversight or has Hyperion been relegated to the dustbin of antiquity alongside the 8-tracks of the Bay City Rollers? If it is intentional, WTF, and who’s in charge of this decision so I can beat him with my original installation disks of Hyperion Enterprise? More importantly, what does this mean for my heavy involvement in the world of Hyperion? If you have purchased More…Hyperion products, learned Hyperion products, and paid (a lot of money) to implement Hyperion products, what does this mean to you? Is it really as bad as it sounds? You’ll have to tune in to find out if Hyperion is really dead and if so, what is taking its place.

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