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on June 16, 2016 / in Webcasts

Integrating Hyperion's Cloud Offerings with (and other cloud products)

If you’re using Oracle products like PBCS (Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services) or BICS (Business Intelligence Cloud Services), you’re going to want to integrate them with other cloud offerings.  Maybe you have CRM information in Salesforce that you want to pull into PBCS to jumpstart your forecasted sales. Or maybe you have employee information in Workday that you want to pull into BICS for analysis. Whatever cloud product you have, there are easy ways to integrate the data (both pushing and More…pulling) and metadata into the Oracle EPM cloud suite. Some are more technical (the REST API), some are utilitarian (EPM Automate), and some are business-oriented (FDMEE), but no matter which cloud products you want to integrate, there is an Oracle solution.

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