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on January 16, 2019 / in Webcasts

Leading Practices in Budgeting & Planning

The world of budgeting, planning, and forecasting has changed more in the last three years than in the thirty years prior. No, I don’t mean the Cloud: that’s just a technology. As companies are pivoting from looking backward to focusing their attentions on the future, new methods of planning are taking off like wildfire. Driver-based budgeting, strategic planning, and rolling forecasts are the minimum you must have as companies stop focusing on precision of data and instead focus on timeliness of data. We now have concepts like scenario modeling, range-based forecasting, graphical planning, Beyond Budgeting, trend-based planning, and more. What methods are the past, what are the majority of companies doing now, and what is at the cutting edge of the planning world? Join us as we walk you through the evolution of budgeting up to the leading practices of today.

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