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on October 17, 2018 / in Webcasts

PBCS & Oracle Analytics Cloud Together: Why, When, & How

Oracle has powerful planning and forecasting solutions in the Cloud with PBCS along with easy to use data visualizations and dashboarding in the Cloud with OAC. While PBCS has its own dashboarding capabilities, there is still a compelling use case for combining PBCS and OAC into a best practice solution. Join us for this session where we will share with you the “Why” on use cases for PBCS and OAC, the “When” of when it makes sense to combine and what stage of the implementation process, and the “How” of how to actually integrate data between the two solutions. We’ll demo examples of the integrations start to finish and show you the power of OAC on top of PBCS and other data sets from an end user perspective.

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