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Healthcare, Retail, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing

Healthcare, Retail, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing

It’s a different world. Regulatory compliance, market challenges, how you run the business, employees, customers, margins, the competition… and the processes and terminology unique to your industry.

We’ve spent decades in your world helping companies just like yours. They are our friends and we’ve been through a lot together, including the Great Recession and record expansion.

Choose a company that knows your industry and can refer you to multiple success stories from similar companies. A company that’s here tomorrow when you’re busting at the seams and ready for a new platform. Choose a long-term partner that’s interested in facilitating your long-term success.

Our experienced, industry-savvy consultants are smarter, deeper, more strategic, and honest. We are genuinely invested partners in your success.

At interRel, we apply our considerable industry and technical expertise around planning, consolidation, and analytics in an unconventional way with integrity and transparency so you can make informed decisions and realize better business performance.

improving profitability


Ongoing regulatory compliance and reporting demands along with legislative reform create a mounting challenge for healthcare organizations. Investing in your planning and analytics systems is key to improving profitability while reimbursement rates are falling.

quick turnarounds


Being nimble spells success in retail. Scenario planning for financials along with quick turnarounds on data analysis enables an agile organization to plan weeks of supply and ensure deep knowledge of customer needs and demographics.

increasing revenue by customer

Consumer Goods

Controlling tight margins with a discrete set of limited customers and a small set of SKUs is critical for Consumer Goods.  Efficient operations and product planning by SKU and customer comes from knowing your customers intimately when introducing new products. With a dwindling set of retailers, concentration on increasing revenue by customer is critical.

better business performance


Commodity price changes are inevitable. Being able to plan different scenarios as your parts and labor costs change is critical to running an effective manufacturing operation.  interRel ensures efficient access to your key information so that you can make the right decisions leading to better business performance.

Rule the world with Cloud Solutions enabled by interRel’s award-winning consulting.

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