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Consumer Goods

Know Your Customers, Control Margins, Grow Revenues

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Consumer Goods Partners in Success

You need customer data, efficient operations, and product planning by SKU. With ArganoInterRel, you work with people who can show you how because we’ve spent decades helping consumer goods companies in a variety of segments. 

Our veteran, consumer-savvy consultants make you smarter, faster, deeper, more strategic. We apply our substantial consumer goods industry and technical expertise to help you grow revenue and improve profitability with meaningful analytics. 

Choose a consulting partner that understands your business and stays with it to ensure your long-term success. 

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Mastering Changing Markets

Staying competitive as many businesses develop a larger online presence is just one of the many challenges facing consumer goods companies. Pickier consumers and the emergence of small brands is making larger companies rethink their market strategies. 

Add to that, increasing consumer diversity, globalization, Big Data and social and digital media, and you have a lot of work to do:

  • Large amounts of data to analyze – Sales, external retail systems, supply chain
  • Difficult to plan at detailed levels – SKU level
  • Access to retailer information – Customer purchasing habits, POS data
  • Margin sensitive products – Requires what-if analysis capability on a large scale
  • Complex calculations – Trending, ranking, exceptions, etc.
  • Variety of reporting requirements – ERP speak vs. management speak
  • Competitive marketplace – Requires speed, speed, speed

Reporting requirements change as often as customer behavior. Solutions must be adaptable and flexible

Better Care and Increased Profitability

Investing in planning and analytics systems is the key to providing quality care and improving profitability while reimbursement rates continue to fall.

Powerful business tools enabled by ArganoInterRel, such as Oracle Analytics Cloud empowers business users with governed self-service analytic capabilities for data preparation, visualization, augmented analysis and natural language processing.

ArganoInterRel also helps healthcare organizations implement Oracle EPM Cloud solutions such as planning, financial consolidation, account reconciliation, narrative reporting, profitability and cost management, and data management.

Track multiple types of data, including:
  • Patient Care – Demographics, analytics, diagnosis
  • Asset Effectiveness – ROI, asset management
  • Research – Grant and contract management
  • Product/Services – Profitability, pricing, CPT analysis, costing
  • Employee Effectiveness – Physician productivity, employee satisfaction
  • Competitive – Market share, market size
  • Time – Annual, quarterly and monthly comparisons, variance analysis
  • Financial Performance – Earnings, revenue growth, payor mix, provider reimbursement, medical costs, cash management

Know Your Customers to Increase Margins and Revenue

By adopting enabling technology, CPG companies are becoming faster, able to quickly amass and analyze data. They operate with more granularity, attaining access to more consumer behavior and stay more connected with customers.

With a dwindling set of retailers, concentration on increasing revenue by customer is crucial. Track this and other important measures with Oracle Analytics Cloud and enabled by ArganoInterRel:

  • Customer – Customer behavior and loyalty, trends, demographics
  • Product – Margins, product development, differentiation
  • Marketing – Directed promotions, discount effectiveness, retailer performance
  • Channel – Sales effectiveness, cost savings, access to target consumer
  • Employee Effectiveness – Management effectiveness, retaining talent
  • Competitive – Shelf space optimization, time to market
  • Time – Annual, quarterly, monthly and by day comparisons, seasonal
  • Financial Performance – Sales, earnings, profit margins

Business Analytics Powered by Essbase

Essbase, the most powerful multi-dimensional business database on the planet, and ArganoInterRel will help you master the data. Users can slice and dice the data may different ways, do fast reporting and complex calculations.

Essbase takes a more business view of data and holds many advantages over a relational database. Combined with Oracle Data Visualization it becomes a modern BI solution for any user, with no tech skills required. 

Data Visualization – Easy to use self-service data consumption and visualization

  • Reporting hierarchies 
  • Standard Reports
  • Ad Hoc Querying
  • Dashboards
  • Office integration with SmartView

Create a vendor or market analysis visualization from a spreadsheet in two minutes or less. Access on the go with Day by Day, the next generation of mobile analytics. If you happen to need assistance, just phone a friend at ArganoInterRel.

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