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You need answers and all kinds of healthcare information. With ArganoInterRel, you get people who understand because we’ve spent decades helping healthcare organizations just like yours. 

Our experienced, healthcare-savvy consultants make you smarter, deeper, more strategic. We apply our considerable healthcare industry and technical expertise around healthcare information so you can provide better care and improve profitability. 

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The Healthcare Information Challenge

To achieve excellence, organizations must have fast and reliable access to all types of information: patient care, physician productivity, cost drivers, capacity planning, finance, human resources, facilities, regulations, research and more. 

While providers, payers, pharma companies, research organizations, and others use various data sources and systems and may be profit- or contribution-margin driven, they share common goals and problems.

Information Management Goals
  • Implement modern Analytics and EPM systems
  • Adopt technology advancements 
  • Harness the data explosion 
Industry Challenges
  • ACA policy changes  
  • Managing costs
  • Provider shortages
  • Reimbursement changes
  • Consolidation, M&A
  • Savvy consumers 

All seek to get data into a manageable format to provide better care and generate better decisions. 

For example, being able to identify true cost or fully allocated cost is becoming increasingly important as reimbursements are transitioning to a value-based focus. 

Furthermore, the changing practice of medicine, telemedicine, mobility and Cloud, wearables and IoT, AI, Big Data and other disruptions magnify the need for enabling technologies.

Better Care and Increased Profitability

Investing in planning and analytics systems is the key to providing quality care and improving profitability while reimbursement rates continue to fall.

Powerful business tools enabled by ArganoInterRel, such as Oracle Analytics Cloud empowers business users with governed self-service analytic capabilities for data preparation, visualization, augmented analysis and natural language processing.

ArganoInterRel also helps healthcare organizations implement Oracle EPM Cloud solutions such as planning, financial consolidation, account reconciliation, narrative reporting, profitability and cost management, and data management.

Track multiple types of data, including:
  • Patient Care – Demographics, analytics, diagnosis
  • Asset Effectiveness – ROI, asset management
  • Research – Grant and contract management
  • Product/Services – Profitability, pricing, CPT analysis, costing
  • Employee Effectiveness – Physician productivity, employee satisfaction
  • Competitive – Market share, market size
  • Time – Annual, quarterly and monthly comparisons, variance analysis
  • Financial Performance – Earnings, revenue growth, payor mix, provider reimbursement, medical costs, cash management

Bring the Data to Life with Visualization 

Powerful business analytics tools such as Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) offer relief and a path to better care and financial health. OAC includes impressive data visualization and mobile options. 

You don’t have to be a technical person to query data in a visual perspective.


Data Visualization Examples
  • Compare dollars across facilities by entity
  • Build provider dashboards to show revenue by inpatient/outpatient
  • Track clinical trials by phase, product, state and approvals vs. denial
Identify Concerns and Trends Faster

Easily perform cost analyses, such as salaries and benefits, professional fees, supplies, occupancy, insurance, depreciation and amortization. 

All these can be broken out by facility and department with flexible sorting, tracking, drill-down and grouping capabilities. 

Address the Healthcare Cost Dilemma 

With Oracle Planning (formerly EPBCS) and ArganoInterRel, healthcare organizations implement best practice budgeting and forecasting processes. Leaving the Excel craziness behind, they quickly answer these questions and more.

  • What is the fully allocated cost for a service?
  • How can I reduce process cost while maintaining quality?
  • How does my service center compare to others for this process?
  • Which resources are over/under utilized?
  • How can I maximize my employees to their full skillset?
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