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Manufacturing Data Overload

You’ve got large amounts of data to analyze from a slew of source systems, including sales, costing, inventory and supply chain. 

And, the level of detail required for analysis (per unit, by product, etc.) is just one of the hurdles. Manufacturing analysts also face a variety of environmental and technical challenges:

  • Competitive marketplace – Requires quick turn-around of reports and ad hoc queries, especially in high tech manufacturing
  • Variety of Reporting Requirements – ERP vs. management speak, dashboards, etc.
  • On Premises vs. Cloud – What belongs where and getting it all to work together
  • Complex Calculations – Cost rates, labor rates, across multiple regions with thousands of products, process-oriented manufacturing, etc.
  • Resources – Hard to get skilled people
Choose a company that knows manufacturing.

Manufacturing Partners in Success

You need to optimize resource planning, asset management and shipping. With ArganoInterRel, you get people who know their way around challenges like this because we’ve spent decades helping manufacturing companies large and small. 

Our seasoned, manufacturing-experienced consultants make you smarter, faster, deeper, more strategic. We apply our substantial manufacturing industry and technical expertise to help you optimize operations and increase profitability with meaningful analytics. 

Choose a consulting partner that understands your business and works through the obstacles to ensure your long-term success. 

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Efficient Access to Key Information

Commodity price changes are inevitable. Being able to plan different scenarios as your parts and labor costs change is critical to running an effective manufacturing operation.  

ArganoInterRel ensures efficient access to your key information so that you can make the right decisions leading to better business performance. 

Powerful business tools, such as Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) enabled by ArganoInterRel, can help you enhance resource planning, nail down asset management, optimize shipping, and implement continual process improvements. 

OAC Manufacturing Analyses
  • Customer – Sales channels, product preferences
  • Asset – Inventory turnover, equipment efficiency, quality assurance
  • Cost – Materials, direct, indirect, overhead, labor
  • Product – Product profitability, pricing models, product costing
  • Employee Effectiveness – Management effectiveness, productivity per employee
  • Competitive – Market share, market size, time to market
  • Time – Annual, quarterly and monthly comparisons, variance analysis
  • Financial Performance – Sales, earnings, profit margins

Self-service Analytics to Power the Enterprise

With OAC and ArganoInterRel, you’ll easily answer questions like this and illustrate with easy-to-understand visualizations:

What was the 4Q18 net income change over 4Q17 for plant 10? Domestic? Worldwide? By product? By channel?

How does that compare to FY16?

Designed for every user, there’s no limit to the manufacturing problems you can help to solve with OAC. If you occasionally need assistance, we speak your language and will talk you through the analysis (phone a friend).

  • Compare material costs by plant
  • Material costs by product
  • Break down labor costs by process step
  • Drill into this by product
  • Compare to budget
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Choose a long-term friend in the business with Oracle Services for Manufacturing delivered by ArganoInterRel’s award-winning consulting group.

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