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Be Nimble, Go Deep to Drive Revenue Growth

Choose a company that knows retail.

Retail Partners in Success

You need answers fast and all kinds of retail operational information. With ArganoInterRel, you work with people who get it because we’ve spent decades helping retail companies very much like yours. 

Our senior-level, retail-savvy consultants make you smarter, faster, deeper, more strategic. We put our considerable retail industry and technical expertise to work optimizing retail analytics so you can grow revenue and improve profitability. 

As one of our top two industries, retail is in our blood. So, choose a long-term partner that knows your business and is interested in facilitating your long-term success. 

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Avoid the Retail Apocalypse 

In the news, you hear of more retail companies going bankrupt and closing locations. Yet, research indicates that online shoppers would come back if retailers used more tech to provide and personalize a pleasant, experiential shopping environment. 

Retail Information Challenges
  • Multiple locations – Communicating data across a vast network
  • The competitive marketplace – Speed, speed, speed
  • Large amounts of data to analyze – Various systems (POS, inventory, ERP)
  • Quick turnaround of reports – Need actionable data
  • Varying levels of detail available – Product and customer analysis 
  • Complex calculations – Like weeks supply of SKU

Shoppers switching to Amazon, mass merchandisers, discount and dollar stores, and warehouse clubs go omnichannel to find the best price that meets their needs.

Amazon does analytics very well.  Traditional retailers must diversify and analyze better to survive and prosper.

Better Planning and Customer Knowledge Drive Revenue

Being nimble spells success in retail. Scenario planning for financials along with quick turnarounds on data analysis enables an agile organization to plan weeks of supply and ensure deep knowledge of customer needs and demographics. 

Reporting requirements change as often as the customer’s behavior. Solutions must be adaptable and flexible. 

The answer, Oracle Analytics Cloud and enabled by ArganoInterRel consulting, the number one financial reporting solution and technology partner in retail:

  • Customer Centric – Behavior and loyalty, shopping basket, demographics
  • Store Level – Same store sales and per sq. foot, margin analysis
  • Marketing – Campaign and discount effectiveness, product promotions
  • Product – Product profitability, pricing, supply and demand
  • Employee and Management Effectiveness – Sales per employee, employee satisfaction
  • Competitive – Market share, market size, location proximity, trends
  • Time – Annual, quarterly, monthly and by day comparisons, seasonal
  • Financial Performance – Earnings, revenue growth, inventory turnover

Addressing the Retail Analytics Imperative

Oracle Essbase is the number one financial reporting solution in retail. 

Whether it’s flash sales by store and SKU, product profitability, customer segmentation, SKU analysis, store sales (comp and non-comp), weeks of supply, pricing models, and more, retail companies around the world are using Oracle Analytics solutions to meet their analysis needs. 

  • What were FY18 sales in March for Store 100? 
  • The same by product, by customer age, income, loyalty?
  • What is my average price, vs list price, by product, by store?
  • Show me why sales of product XYZ decreased?
  • Compare brick and mortar vs. online, by store manager.
  • What is the forecast for products bought online?
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