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Narrative Reporting

Narrative reporting is giving context to your data. It's explaining where and why your business didn't meet budgets & forecasts.

Manual and Ad Hoc Reporting Processes Fall Short

In this time of economic uncertainty, the need for increased commentary and narrative in reporting is more important than ever. Error-prone, manual, and ad hoc performance reporting processes fall short – leaving your business leaders with unanswered questions. Ask yourself:

  • Is getting report packages delivered a monthly or quarterly fire drill?
  • Is bringing subject-matter experts into the process for commentary problematic?
  • Is combining data with narrative error-prone, especially when re-keying data into the report?
  • Does your organization lack options to validate the narrative?
  • Is tracking progress and responsibility for individual areas of content challenging?
  • Do you have concerns about audits and weak security?

Narrative reporting is one of the five tools that will help you survive in economic downturn.

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Optimize your report creation and distribution process with Oracle Narrative Reporting (formerly Oracle EPRCS).

  • Exceed internal and external reporting requirements in the Cloud
  • Efficiently gather narrative text and define, author, review and publish report packages with interactive dashboards
  • Collaborate securely with content contributors and reviewers who access via mobile or desktop
  • Produce high-quality financial, management, and regulatory reports with a process-driven approach that combines data and narrative in a unified environment
  • Create value with impressive narrative reporting that clearly explains the quality and resilience of corporate performance and the significance of intangible assets
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Explaining Why Your Budget Will Be Wrong in 2020 with Narrative Reporting

The Narrative Reporting Value Opportunity

The CFO has an opportunity to create value with digital technologies. Indeed, the ability of management to clearly explain the quality and durability of corporate performance increases in importance as reported earnings become more volatile.

  • In the digital age, 80 percent of corporate value is created by intangible assets such as intellectual property, talent, and customers
  • Increasingly, those with the ability to quantify and explain the significance of intangible assets enjoy a competitive advantage
  • A company’s cost of capital can be impacted by the quality of disclosures
  • The quality of reporting directly affects investors perception of management

Rule the world with Oracle Narrative Reporting (formerly Oracle EPRCS), enabled by ArganoInterRel's award-winning consulting.

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