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on April 3, 2020 / in News

Free Health & Safety Management Cloud for Current HCM Customers

Oracle just announced they are going to offer their Health & Safety Incident Management Cloud for free during this time of Coronavirus for current HCM customers.

From Oracle: “Protecting the Workplace: Oracle is prepared to help. Our Health and Safety product is now free to current HCM Cloud Customers. As we continue to face increasing concerns about the Coronavirus COVID-19, many organizations are facing new challenges, without software to help them. Oracle will provide Workforce Health and Safety at no charge for the next year (or as long as required to deal with the Coronavirus crisis) to current HCM Cloud Customers in production. And we want to provide an easy way for you to get this product up and working quickly. Discover how Workforce Health and Safety can assist your organization, as well as how to quickly get the product into production and your staff members up to speed.  We hope that this will help you manage risk through this time of uncertainty and allow your staff to focus on pertinent employee matters related to COVID-19.”

Other resources for you: Solution Overview and Solution Data Sheet.

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