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Event date: Jun 12, 2020, 10:00 am CST

Healthcare Provider Virtual Conference



During times of extreme economic disruption, we need to have plans ready to pivot in the direction of success. Join leaders in the Healthcare community on Friday, June 12th for multiple sessions as we dive into healthcare predictive planning, MACRA and price transparency, profitability, compensation, and more. Healthcare providers are needed now more than ever. Join us to hear what other FP&A teams are doing to thrive.

Register once, and attend some or all of the sessions below! All times shown in Central.

CONFERENCE SESSIONS – Friday, June 12th, 2020

10:00am Welcome & Check-in
10:30am Keynote on the Future of Healthcare

Less than three months ago, healthcare organizations were projecting budgets astronomically different than the numbers they’re seeing today. Exhausting resources – both in personnel and facemasks – the healthcare industry is one that will be impacted long-term by the economic disruption caused by COVID-19. In this Keynote, Edward Roske presents answers to the question, “Where will healthcare go from here?” and how to best prepare for ongoing challenges.

11:30am Beyond Budgeting, Ready-at-Hand Plans and Predictive Planning

Due to COVID-19, healthcare organizations have significantly, if not entirely, decreased the ability to perform elective surgeries. For many hospitals and care facilities, furloughing staff and implementing pay cuts have become the new normal. But are you prepared for when operating rooms are allowed to open? Do you have a plan to quickly increase staffing in the right areas? Do you have equipment and supplies ready to reintroduce these elective procedures? In this session, we’ll dive into creating ready-at-hand plans for multiple scenarios, so that your organization can be best prepared to return to regularly scheduled operations.

12:30pm MACRA (Medicare Access and Chip Reauthorization Act), Pricing Transparency & Switching from Fee-Based to Value-Based Medicare Reimbursement

On January 1, 2020, MACRA required healthcare organizations to switch from fee-based reimbursement to quality-based reimbursement for Medicare procedures. While COVID-19 has changed the healthcare industry drastically, the MACRA changes are still law. In this session, we’ll discuss how to implement this switch to value-based reimbursement amidst a global pandemic, how to accurately present pricing to patients and families, and how to provide the best care for maximum reimbursement.

1:30pm Efficient Cost Management and Profitability by Mix of Treatment, Procedures and Services and DRG

In light of COVD-19, healthcare organizations need to develop multiple scenarios to determine true costs and understand profitability of current operations. Are you allocating departmental indirect costs related to COVID-19? Can you accurately determine your plans for visits, admits, discharges, and occupied beds? Do you have the ability to calculate payments and expenses by DRG, physician, procedures, patients, and facilities? During this session, we’ll be discussing how to efficiently understand your cost management to be prepared for all economic outcomes that the virus may cause.

2:30pm Physician’s Compensation

The healthcare industry is facing a serious problem. How will you compensate physicians fairly, maintain normal procedure levels, but also keep budget in mind? Will you find the balance between maintaining pay to keep physicians from leaving your hospital or healthcare facility, but avoid leaving other necessary departments understaffed and undercompensated? In this session, we’ll discuss the impact that COVID-19 has on budget and where and when may be the best place to make financial cuts.

3:30pm Real-time Analytics and Machine Learning for Healthcare

This session is all about using your current financial state to predict how your healthcare organization will be impacted by significant economic upheaval using your current budgeted numbers. Data visualization and real-time analytics can paint a picture of your future by separating and analyzing COVID-19 costs from normal operations and performing driver-based forecast scenarios at the hospital and clinic level. Join us!

4:15pm Wrap-up
4:30pm Virtual networking happy hour

Jun 12, 2020, 10:00 am CST


Virtual Conference

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