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Oracle Cloud EPM Profitability and Cost Management

Utilize facility and workforce output and productivity insights to drive profit, reduce costs, and be prepared in uncertain times.

What is Profitability and Cost Management?

The only way your business will succeed in times of business uncertainty and economic upheaval is to maximize profit and control costs. FP&A professionals must understand cost and revenue drivers – but insight to profitability and cost often doesn’t come easy. 
  • Are you spending too much time building spreadsheets?
  • Are you having trouble understanding key profit drivers?
  • Does the process of identifying costs appear too complex?
  • Are you using back-box, custom allocation tools and separating business users and the process with IT?
In today’s Coronavirus-stricken economy, knowing your profit winners and losers enables decision makers to direct resources and cash to the right areas.

Oracle EPM Cloud Oracle Cloud EPM Profitability and Cost Management puts business users in control.

Best practice automation reduces reliance on IT and yields more time to analyze results. Businesses can quickly model profitability by segment and conquer complex cost of shared services – before business disruption occurs. With Profitability & Cost Management, businesses are:
  • Reducing time spent on spreadsheets, sourcing data, and changing code
  • Changing assumptions quickly and delivering actionable performance data to LOB leaders to increase profits and cut costs
  • Fostering accountability that drives profitability by enabling decision makers
  • Getting buy-in through transparent shared-cost allocations

Profitability & Cost Management Business Process

Choose to optimize your profitability and cost management processes with Oracle Cloud EPM Profitability and Cost Management enabled by ArganoInterRel. We empower business users to understand drivers and act on insights gained, so that you can weather the economic storm. With these tools, businesses are:

  • Finding top and bottom performers fast with pre-defined profit and performance reports
  • Building powerful dashboards quickly for access to results on demand
  • Investigating every step with linked reports and supporting drill through
  • Addressing hidden costs with “What if?” impact analysis and easily changed assumptions
  • Easily validating model logic with automatic rule balancing and traceability reports
  • Performing calculations outside the GL to keep it “thin” at statutory reporting
  • Reducing the time to generate transfer pricing from weeks to minutes
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5 Steps to Understanding Profitability

Rule the world with Oracle Cloud EPM Profitability and Cost Management with the help of ArganoInterRel.

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