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Look Smarter Than You Are with Hyperion Planning 11.1.2: An End User’s Guide

Look Smarter Than You Are With Oracle Hyperion Planning 11.1.2: And End Users Guide

How can I use Oracle Hyperion Planning to plan, budget & forecast?” Oracle Hyperion Planning is the market leading budgeting and forecasting solution that provides powerful planning capabilities over the web and in Microsoft Excel. You want to plan faster and more accurately and you are sure Oracle Hyperion Planning is the answer. This book is your key to unlocking the world of Oracle Hyperion Planning from an end user perspective, guiding you through the ins and outs of Planning on your quest to a better budgeting and forecasting process which in turn leads to better enterprise performance.

You will learn:

  • What is Oracle Hyperion Planning and how to connect
  • All of the Planning end user features like supporting detail, comments, document attachments, adjusting, grid spreader, and more
  • How to plan and build models in Microsoft Excel with Smart View
  • How to perform ad-hoc analysis over the web and in Excel
  • Steps to review and approve budgets through the approval process
  • What’s New in versions and
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