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on January 21, 2013 / in Publishings

Look Smarter Than You Are With Essbase: An End User's Guide

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Look Smarter Than You Are With Essbase: An End User’s Guide

Essbase is everywhere these days and now it is a part of your life. You want to slice and dice data, analyze information, and make highly formatted spreadsheet retrievals. You’re sure Essbase is the answer and thank goodness your boss bought copies of this book for your entire department! This book is your key to unlocking the world of analysis through Essbase. If you would rather not spend days in Essbase classes learning a bunch of technical administration topics, this book will allow you to learn Essbase end user concepts at your own speed. Join us as we guide you all the way from the basics of Essbase to the more advanced portions of the Essbase Spreadsheet Add-In and Smart View Add-In on your quest towards becoming an Essbase End User Master.


You will learn how to:


• How to connect to Essbase databases and retrieve data

• What is a multi-dimensionality and why should you care?

• The basics of Essbase’s end user add-ins for ad-hoc analysis

• Steps to creating highly formatted reports and templates that you can use month after month

• Creation and saving of advanced analytic queries using the query designers

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