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on January 21, 2013 / in Publishings

Look Smarter Than You Are With Essbase System 9

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Look Smarter Than You Are With Essbase System 9

Essbase is everywhere these days. To survive and be productive in the business world, you need to take control of Essbase. If you don’t have time (and money in the budget) to go to a class, if you just want to learn at your own pace, or if you want the information not covered in classes, this book will show you the way. Whether you’re an end user looking to better analyze information or an admin building new applications, you will become a master of Essbase as your fellow workers look at you in sheer, dumbstruck awe.


You will learn how to:


• Use the Excel Add-In and Smart View Add-in to retrieve and analyze data.

• Create dynamic reports that change as new data is uploaded.

• Build different types of applications quickly and easily following the proven steps provided in this guide.

• Use advanced techniques such as tuning and optimization, calc scripts, and MaxL.

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