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ArganoInterRel Uncertainty Planning™

The Coronavirus pandemic has created economic upheaval on businesses and many are not be prepared to quickly respond. Now more than ever, organizations need to be planning for uncertainty.


What is Uncertainty Planning™?

While traditional financial planning and forecasting is based on the assumption your business will continue to trend similar to the past, Uncertainty Planning is the process of preparing for a variety of unforeseen economic shifts that may impact supply and demand, and the triggers you can pull to quickly pivot with agility.

Scenario Planning

What scenarios are possible, and how will we deal with them if they occur?


Strategic Modeling

What should my strategic plan be within my financial constraints?


Profitability & Cost Management

What are our most/least profitable products and locations?


Data Visualization

How can I get the right information to the right people now?


Narrative Reporting

How can we explain where and why we didn’t meet our budget & forecasts?


Minimizing Business Impact with Uncertainty Planning

Key Uncertainty Planning Drivers Organizations Need to be Focused On NOW:

  • Planning and Modeling – Define possible short and long term plan scenarios
  • Profitability Analyze by Product, Service, Customer, Location, and Department
  • Revenue – Determine Cost of Goods Sold and Operating Expenses
  • Cost Management –  Identify cost reduction activities based on ST/LT plan scenarios
  • Cash Flow –  Determine inbound/outbound triggers as supply and demand changes
  • ReportingDeliver and analyze timely data to quickly make decisions
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