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Touchless lattes and self-service kiosks: Office break rooms go virus-proof with grimy microwaves and sticky coffee machines, and in with QR codes and mobile apps.

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Up to 50,000 airline workers could lose their job tonight: Read why“Hundreds of thousands of airline workers are facing financial ruin through no fault of our own. How will we take care of our families...

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Boom and Bust: 50 Big Tech Revealed in The Pandemic coronavirus pandemic dealt a huge blow to world economies and businesses that have long established themselves as untouchables in their respective industries. In...

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Google is investing $100 million in telehealth provider Amwell One of the largest telehealth providers, Amwell, is going public, and in the process it's taking in $100 million from Google.

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Ahead of WeChat ban, American businesses scramble to find new ways to work with China “As a small business owner, these bans and trade wars aren’t good for us,” one small business owner said. “But it’s another one of...

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