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Best Practices for Your Strategic Oracle EPM Road Map: Building Your 3 Year Plan

Edward Roske Presents: Best Practices for Your Strategic Oracle EPM Road Map: Building Your 3 Year Plan

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Reporting and analysis systems have been growing organically and independently for several years in many organizations. In the current world of “how can I get my information faster” mentality, no one ever stops to ask “in 3 years, where do I want to be with managing the performance of my business?” Companies are looking for consistent improvement – something to disrupt the “in the moment” mindset – and transition from thinking tactically to developing a strategic plan for close solutions, reporting, analysis, modeling, and planning. Whether your company is acquiring your first Business Analytics solution, moving to the cloud, or experiencing the effects of implementing multiple reporting solutions that are not integrated, automated or have just been gathering dust over the years, this session is your key to kicking off the start of developing your strategic vision.

Edward Roske, CEO and Oracle ACE Director, leads interRel’s Strategic Assessment team by providing Strategic Assessment solutions for companies of all sizes and industries that want to improve management and operational excellence with smart, agile, aligned solutions. This session will not only answer Why you shouldn’t wait another minute to start moving forward but what the model looks like, including: how to analyze your current budgeting and forecasting process, which resources should be involved, determining which products should be discontinued, ways to integrate BI products from multiple vendors, how to minimize throw-away point solutions, and most importantly, how to prepare a 3-5 year strategic roadmap that will drive your company forward.

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