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Event date: Feb 23, 2022, 11:00 am CST / ArganoInterRel’s private Zoom video platform

Collaborating on Data, use EDM in Healthcare to Get It Right!

COVID-19 taught us many lessons including how to leverage technology in new ways, one example being collaboration. For this session, we will be reviewing Oracle’s Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solution and how you can engage in the next level of collaboration across your healthcare teams who have ownership interest with your enterprise data assets. Many of you may think of EDM as a DRM replacement but it is more. EDM was built for collaborating on data across multiple teams who have vested ownership interest. EDM brings a new layer of visualization, collaboration, and governance to all enterprise data. Learn how our clients in the healthcare industry are rapidly deploying and leveraging EDM for everything from communicating COA redesign projects, to M&A efforts, to collaborating across business teams.


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Event date: Mar 2, 2022, 1:00 pm CST / ArganoInterRel’s private Zoom video platform

State of Finance Transformation

The past several years have made us realize that disruption is the new normal. The pandemic fundamentally distorted how businesses carry out their operations, forcing organizations to use innovative and imaginative solutions to survive. And the companies that did survive transformed their business processes to proactively pivot. FP&A teams became an integral strategic business partner in the organization, bringing data driven insights gleaned from advanced analytics and predictive modeling to steer the business.

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